• Dr. Jones Shampoo & Conditioner Package (Vegan Blend) - 8 OZ

    Dr. Jones

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  • Description

    Free from synthetics, chemicals, and petroleum products, this organic conditioner is perfect for keeping your hair thick, full, and healthy looking. It is especially effective for those individuals dealing with rapidly thinning hair.

    Dr. Robert Jones donates a portion of the profits to environmental groups, and the eco-label is printed on 100% tree-free stock made from crushed rock.

    These products are certified vegan-blend.

    This package contains 1 Organic Shampoo and 1 Organic Conditioner (8oz)

  • Organic vegan shampoo and conditioner
  • Organic Vegan Shampoo - Dr. Robert Jones
  • Organic Vegan Shampoo - Dr. Robert Jones

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